Founded in 2005, Uniview is a pioneering and innovative IP video surveillance company that is based in China. The company is dedicated to research and development with around 50% of the 2000 employees employed in this area. This commitment to development and continued advancement means the company is at the forefront of the video surveillance market in China and the world.

From its inception in 2005 the company has quickly grown and in 2012 it became the 3rd largest manufacturer in the video surveillance market in China. The company has continued to expand and in 2014 it moved into the international market.

With its focus on creating high-end surveillance products and solutions it is easy to see how Uniview has been able to expand so quickly into a global name. Always pushing the boundaries of what is possible and driving forward the quality of their products, Uniview is building a reputation for offering leading IP video surveillance products.

Product offerings from Uniview range from Network Video Recorders (NVR’s) and Network cameras through to Encoders and Network storage devices. The range of network cameras includes IP cameras, HD and 4K cameras which are available in box, bullet, fixed dome and PTZ dome designs.

Some of their industry leading solutions include fixed dome cameras which have the ability to transmit images remotely up to a distance of 200 meters, as well as H.264 high-profile encoding to transmit high-definition recordings and minimise storage space requirements.

A true market leader in the video surveillance market place Uniview is quickly establishing itself as a global brand with top quality products.

Additional Products from Uniview: