Chris McKendrick

Chris is our designer and web editor. If you have any questions or queries related to website and design, or if you need any information or atwork as provided on the website or in our flyers or brochures, then Chris is your contact.


Steve Quayle

Steve has been with the company since 1988, he has vast product knowledge in all aspects of what HBL can supply. In his spare time Steve enjoys a good game of golf


Rob Chambers

Rob is our senior technical adviser, He has been at the company for 7 years and in this time has worked on many projects both small and large scale. Outside of HBL, Rob enjoys socialising with friends and family.


Paul Boydell

Paul is our CCTV technical advisor. Paul has extensive knowledge of Analogue and IP CCTV systems, making him an asset to any installer or buyer who needs help and advice.